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AAIA Classical Archaeology Seminar

Rudy Alagich | University of Sydney

A model for estimating the amount of land cultivated by the inhabitants of Zagora

In archaeological contexts, the arable land exploited by a settlement can be estimated by various means, even in the absence of written evidence. Commonly employed methods include site catchment analysis and field survey recording of extensive sherd scatters. The cultivated area can also be determined by calculating the amount of land required to grow the agricultural produce that would feed a settlement’s population or fill its storage space.
I will use this latter method to calculate the area of land under cultivation at Zagora during the Late Geometric period, utilisinga model to predict the amount of space dedicated to storage in the settlement. The results help explain some of the faunal stable isotope data from Zagora.

Rudy Alagich is a final year PhD candidate in Classical archaeology at the University of Sydney.



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On-Campus Venue

CCANESA Boardroom
Madsen Building (F09)
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Camperdown Campus
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May 11 2021


3:00 pm


Hybrid Event - in person & on Zoom

Location 2

Madsen Building F09
Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens


Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens
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